Packages for Creatives and Bloggers

Being a small business ourselves, we understand the struggles that come with being an entrepreneur... specially in the creative and arts fields. So, we came up with a package aimed for you. 

 Anastasia-Federico Guendel

Two Hours

This is the base of our Creatives Package - we give you two hours of photography coverage to fulfill whatever need your business or brand requires.  If you require a longer time, not a problem, we are just used to reaching our goals in 120 Minutes :)


The starting point 200 Euros for Two Hours and a yield of 20 to 40 portraits, fully edited or just color corrected - it depends on your project and needs. If you require more of our time, we can create a price package just for you.


Who is this for? 

Fashion Bloggers and Social Media Creators

Whether you are a fashion blogger or a social media creator, Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world with several Fashion Weeks throughtout the year. It is the perfect opportunity to make the most out of this amazing city and get gorgeous material for your networks.

In two hours, we can fit from 4 to 7 outfits depending on how fast you can change and the locations chosen for your backdrop.


Our goal is to create portraits that represent you and your music, to capture your personality and your essence.

Social media portraits or album covers, whatever your need is.


Or Anything Else

Reach out to us with a project proposal - we have experience in commercial and fashion productions.