Terms and Conditions of Service

Deposit to Finaize Booking


 Anastasia & Federico Guendel

By performing the PayPal Payment

You agree to the terms of the service and package:

  • Deposit of 100E is reimbursable up until 3 weeks before your session with us and counts towards your chosen Package. In case of reimbursement, PayPal itself retains a small commission of around 4USD.
  • Chosen Package: Please refer to our email conversation
  • Full payment is due at the end of the session preferably in cash or PayPal via credit card. If PayPal is preferred, a 5% of the remainder of your package will be added to the price.
  • You can change the length of the session, just confirm with us as early as possible to check if it’s possible and we’re available after your scheduled time on D-Day.
  • The shooting schedule should be respected, I may have another session immediately after yours.
  • We can always reschedule in case of bad weather as long as our availability allows it.
  • I will show up on time and wait 30min after the meeting time in case of delays. Please, inform me if something unforeseen happens. After the 30min without hearing from you, the session will considered cancelled.

If there are any questions or problems with the transaction, let us know!