Paris Photographer Federico and Anastasia

Meet my partner in crime or how IheartParis came to be. 

The story of IheartParis began in Vienna, where I was a student at the time. One night, a friend introduced me at a party to a beautiful girl with: “Federico is a photographer, Anastasia is a photographer – now talk!” Little did I know that that night in Vienna would lead me to make my dream come true to become a photographer in Paris!

For a couple of years Anastasia and I stayed in touch across the Atlantic until one day I had the crazy idea to invite her to come to Costa Rica for a visit. After a 10 day stay in the magical land of summer and sloths, I popped the question at sunset on a beach… right during an earthquake! Crazily enough she said yes, and moved to Costa Rica to be married 2 months later.

After some time in Costa Rica, we moved back to Vienna, so Anastasia could finish her PhD in Immunology, and continued to work with our separate photography ventures, did I mention she is a great photographer too? Right, so I was working on the fashion side with model agencies from Europe, Latin America, and North America. Anastasia focused on her established Wedding & Lifestyle business in Austria. Regardless of how much we enjoyed Vienna, we both felt it was the time for a fresh start somewhere new for us both. The answer was Paris, France.

Cramped up in a tiny apartment with our pride and joy little Costa Rican poodle Boo, a feisty Austrian ginger cat Io and our French kitty diva extraordinaire Panda, we have decided to join forces to create a family and lifestyle photography experience through the lens of fashion and wedding photographers combined. A couple of years down the road and, I'm not ashamed to admit it, some extensive learning from my wonderful wife, IheartParis is now fully run by me and Anastasia continues to help me as a retoucher, while running her own Destination Wedding Photography brand named after Boo - "The Flying Poodle".

Love is what keeps us going every day and love is what we want to share with you in our captures of your precious moments.